1-day workshop

The Art and Science of Effective Living.
Get the life you want with NLP

Do you want to learn the four pillars of effective life and business?

  • Getting on with anyone, anywhere,
  • Being in your best emotional state whenever you choose,
  • Setting goals & getting tangible results
  • Thinking & acting flexibly and effectively

You might or might not know what NLP is. But the issue is not really about what NLP is but what it can do for you…

Join us for this 1-day NLP workshop and start creating the Life You Want NOW!

What you will get in just 1 day if you join us for the workshop:

  • Understand how your brain works and how you can become a great communicator, coach, leader and parent, and achieve your goals faster,
  • Dissolve or change unwanted emotions into experiences that work for you,
  • Discover how you can easily motivate yourself and others,
  • Learn how to help others  – your family, friends or clients – overcome negative emotions and create a better state,
  • Get clear about what matters to you
  • Enhance your performance at meetings, negotiations and working with clients
  • Start applying NLP principles to your own life and goals the same day.

This event is DIFFERENT from the others you’ve attended.

This event is an exceptionally practical workshop with steps to applying everything you learn immediately

Who is this training for?

For entrepreneurs, coaches and individuals who want to reach a new level of potential, both personally and professionally:

  • to get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want from life
  • to learn how to use your brain to make powerful changes in your life
  • to learn how to take more control over your feelings and action

Your Trainers for the workshop:


Jacquie Nagy, Winnipeg, MB

  • International NLP TRAINER Classic Code & New Code (ITANLP, UK)
  • ITA Certified NLP Coach
  • Speaker – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)
  • Certified Adult Educator (CAE)

Irina Mikhalitsina, Montreal. QC

  • ITA Certified Classic Code and New Code NLP TRAINER (ITA NLP, United
  • Professional Coach, licensee of IAC (International Association of Coaching)
  • Founder and Director of Strategic Coaching Academy Intl.

We have designed this one-day NLP workshop to have you walk away with skills you will use immediately in your daily personal and business life. And what’s even more important – you will use these NLP skills for a lifetime!
So, how valuable it will be for you make the decision to attend this 1-day NLP workshop?

…and if you have wondered how NLP can help in the following areas:
Life, Work, Parenting, Teaching, Learning, Coaching, Health, Business
…then this 1-day training  will  provide the knowledge and experience you need!

Ready to Get Started with NLP?

Date: February, 17th, 2017
9.30am – 5.30pm
Downtown Montreal

The Investment for this 1-day NLP training:  $ 147 +VAT

Special offer available until February 1st:  $ 97 + VAT

A comprehensive workshop manual, coffee and lunch all are included.

The seats for this workshop are limited, so enroll early:

or contact us for more detail:

Phone:  (514) 244- 8786  Irina Mikhalitsina
Email: info@realcoachacademy.com