Professional coaching allows clients to produce extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives. Coaching consists of a series of individual sessions - client-coach meetings, which are designed to help the client attain their objectives and succeed in their personal or professional lives.


Transformation Coaching Program

6 months of targeted, step-by-step life or business makeover

Are you ready for a life or business makeover?

Would you like to make some major changes and completely reinvent your life or business?

This package is for you if:
  • You feel compelled to experience your life from a whole new perspective.
  •  A new, more meaningful and passionate life is calling, and you’re ready to commit to it.
  • You are prepared for extraordinary outcomes in your life or business.
What’s included?

Twenty five 60-minute outcome-oriented coaching sessions via Skype or in-person

Priority email support for the duration of your coaching term

Up to 2 laser-coaching support calls per month via Skype if necessary

Complete satisfaction money-back guarantee.

6-month coaching package, 25 coaching sessions

$495 per month

**For this program I can take a very limited number of clients – only 5 committed to their goals individuals per year. So, prior to making a final decision about the program, a 30-min. Skype conversation is required to determine if we (you and I)  are a good fit for this 6-month coaching journey. Please, contact me to set up the Skype meeting.


Breakthrough Coaching Bundles

Are you looking for a breakthrough in a particular area of your life?

Would you like to gain new perspectives, new strategies, and more resourceful states?

These packages are for you if:

You want to get rid of what’s holding you back – weather it is fear, ineffective habits and behaviours, limiting self-image or beliefs.

You are looking for effective strategies to boost you up and to excel in your life.

You want to initiate changes in any area of your life (ex. Weight loss, starting a business, transform relationships, change lifestyle) and need a professional coach to help you to get unstuck and start moving.

What’s included?
  • 60-min private sessions in person in Montreal or via Skype (bundles of 2, 3 or 5 sessions)
  • Pre-session assessments via e-mail to maximize the effectiveness of each session
  • Post session report with action plan for implementation
  • 1 x 20 minute laser-coaching call via Skype if necessary between the sessions - complimentary to any bundle
  • BONUS! With a 5-Session package you receive an extra 60-minute follow-up session which you can use any time during 6-month period
  • I will also teach you some coaching and NLP techniques for self-coaching specific to your situation

Starter Bundle: 2-sessions - $ 250

Silver Bundle: 3-sessions - $ 330 (you save $45)

Platinum Bundle: 5-sessions + 1 bonus session - $550 (you save $200!)


2-hour Breakthrough Session

An intensive in-person breakthrough session, designed to create a breakthrough and long-lasting change in a specific area of your life.

This breakthrough experience is for you if:

You want to transform your personal story where past memories and negative experience may be holding you back

You are ready to deal with negative feelings of guilt, resentment, shame, anger and hurt and turn them into understanding, compassion, forgiveness and love for yourself and for others in your life

You want to rediscover your life purpose or a deeper meaning of your relationships

You are looking for a profound breakthrough in a certain aspect of your life, business or relationships so you can start creating a more fulfilling life

What’s included?
  • 2-hour in-person breakthrough coaching with NLP
  • Pre-session assessment via email in order to maximize the effectiveness of the session
  • Strategic plan for improvement post-session
  • Post-session report with an action plan for implementation
  • BONUS! 30-day email support and a 20-min laser-coaching call after the session
  • I will also teach you some coaching and NLP techniques for self-coaching  specific to your situation
$250 per 2-hour session


How to choose the right coaching program and get started?

It’s extremely easy to get started with Breakthrough Coaching.

If you are not sure which program will work best for you, contact Irina Mikhalitsina via email or phone and I will answer all your questions and provide all you need for a clear decision.

Ask a question

If you have already decided which program to take, contact us to book your session or to arrange a Skype conversation for a 6-month Transformation Coaching Program.

Get started now

I am truly looking forward to helping you break through to a new level of personal or professional success. In the future, you will look back on this experience as one of the wisest and most rewarding decisions you have ever made.

. . . Now it’s time to start getting results you want!